Rules Of Performance

Please arrive at the indicated time, which maybe different than the performance time.

Performers are to sit in the front row. After they have completed playing all their pieces, the host/hostess will suggest they sit with their parents.

Please put all cell phones to vibrate if expecting an important call or off completely.

Instrumental Performers, please take off all bracelets and watches. Please have instruments assembled and music ready.

We aim to keep low stress performances! It is important that students learn that it is okay to make an error. What we hear on T.V. and radio are often times numerous make overs, not that you can’t have a perfect performance, but we are human and you are students, so it is important to learn what to do when an error is made. More importantly it is important to enjoy the moment and the performance, so any errors can be address with humor only! If you must stop and start over, then do so. (You will just have to help wash dishes and clean up after the refreshments.) Numerous stops and starts, you only have to wash my car for a month. Anything worse than that, you come to my house and shovel snow this winter.

To keep the stress low, please NO flash photos. It can temporarily blind the performer and cause panic. There will be plenty of time to take photos later.

I will have copies of the necessary music. The students can rely on it if need be.

After performing, please acknowledge the audience by bowing.

There are offering plates at the back, please make a small donation for the use of the facilities!

Family and friends are most welcome!

Thank you for coming!