Studio Policy

Muses, Graces and Fates Performing Arts Academy
Studio Policy for 2016/2017
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The Instructor Responsibility

It is our responsibility as instructors to teach your child the mechanics, language and give artistic input to the language and mechanics of music. It is with this purpose that we teach as this will give our students the ability to understand and voice that which there are no words for –music.

Our studio offers a creative positive atmosphere that is detailed to the student’s specific needs and ability.

Student and Family Responsibilities.

Students are to arrive on time, well prepared with music and assignment books. Students are to be picked up from lessons in a timely manner. Any student waiting for a lesson or student/sibling is waiting to be picked up by their ride, is to wait exclusively in the waiting room. All other rooms, instruments or articles are to be respected as property of the teacher and the music academy, therefore off limits unless special permission has be given by an instructor.

Any information or discussion needed will take place before the student’s lesson, so as to respect and not take away from the next student’s lesson time.

To make progress, daily quality practice must be done. Please ask questions and be sure the lesson is understood in order for you to put out your best effort.

Summer lessons are strongly encouraged but be sure of the lesson day and time. Repeated canceling of a scheduled summer lesson will result in loss of lesson fee and makeup for the canceled lessons. 24 hours cancelation is required for possible rescheduling and makeup.

All students are encouraged to take part in yearly musical events, recitals, programs, and workshops. We especially encourage students to prepare and take part in the October Cancer Fund raiser at Shawnee Country Club and the National Federation of Music Study Clubs yearly adjudication held in March.

Students taking part in any music testing or adjudications are responsible for testing fees/dues and material cost.


Tuition not only covers the lesson time set aside for you and spent for the student, but the time spent preparing for the student.

This includes:

  • An individualized lesson plan for each student
  • Quarterly in house testing and progress report
  • Training and experience
  • Recital preparation and event planning
  • Music and materials needed for the course of the year.


Students must have an appropriate instrument and music. Consistent replacement of music material will result in a fee for lost or forgotten music.

Student payment for the new fall semester is to be paid for the full month of September and an extra 2 weeks.

So if your lesson day is scheduled on a 4week day the fee is $108 plus an additional $54 totaling $162.00. for a 5week lesson day the fee is $135.00 plus the additional $54.00 for a total of $189.00) The next payment of 4 /5 weeks is due at the beginning of October. The additional 2 payments at the beginning of September is to cover times when payment cannot be made on time, but the full monthly lesson amount is still due for that month. In this way you will always be paid on time. Lesson fee that goes past the 2 week buffer period will be subject to the $15.00 late fee. The 2 extra weeks can be subtracted from the final lesson fee and student is terminating lessons.

Students that do not wish to take part in the 2 week advance payment can pay by the month but will be subject to a $15.00 late fee. Payment is due at the beginning of the month with payment made before lesson is given.

There is also a quarterly program where a student pays 3 months in advance at $324.00. This will eliminate the 5th week found within the quarter and offer you that 5th week free or a $27.00 savings.


Any cancellation that I have to make will be given as a makeup or a credit according to the discretion of the Instructor. Cancellations due to inclement weather may be made up by the instructor in the form of a group lesson or Master Class. Master Classes are held on Saturdays only.

24 hour notice is required for lesson cancellation. Make ups will be given on Saturdays only or at the convenience of the Instructor. A limit of 6 make ups will be tolerated and with advance notice.

Lessons missed without prior notice will result in loss of that lesson fee and possible make up. Choose a lesson time that you feel confident with. Please understand that the tuition you pay reserves an exclusive weekly time in my schedule for you. Unlike a doctor or a hairdresser, I cannot resell that time nor can I create extra teaching time in which to give a lesson.